How to draw cartoon food?

To draw your own cartoon food, the first thing you need to do is get pens and paper. I use a soft pencil (B, B2, B3) for the preliminary drawing. To set my lines, I either use a black pen or a black marker. It is best to use thick paper so that the pens won't push through.
When you have the pens together, the first thing we will do is to draw the basic shape of our food.
The next step is to draw the eyes, nose and mouth in the sketch.
Now I draw body parts. I also like to use jobs and special things that go with the food.
Astronaut Vorzeichnung
The next step is to outline the pencil lines with a black pen. Then you erase the pencil lines.
Astronaut Umrahmt
The last step is to color the cartoon food. I use markers for this because they create a color transition. Of course, wooden pencils work too. Make sure that you alternate the colors so that your picture is colorful.
Zucchinie Astronaut
You are also welcome to watch my video about drawing potatoes.