How do you draw a manga?

For a manga we need the same pens as for a comic figure, i.e. pencils (B, B2, B3) for the preliminary drawing and a black pen to frame the pencil lines.
To get a perfect head shape, I draw a square and a triangle under it. I frame this with a circle.
Manga Erklärung mit Körpern
After that, I'll draw a guide to show the location of the eyes and one around the location of the nose and mouth.
Manga Erklärung Hilfslinien
The next step is to draw in large eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair.
Here are a few examples of the headboards.
Manga Vorzeichnung
Now the black lines are added and the preliminary drawing removed.
Manga Ausenlinien
The last thing I do is color in the drawing with markers. Of course, you can also use wooden pencils for this.
Mangabild Ausgemalt
Here are a few more videos from me on the subject.